About Monthly Fees

Monthly Fees:

B.A. Honours Course : Rs. 95 (P.M.)

B.A. General Course : Rs. 70 (P.M.)

Fees structure may be changed with the approval of appropriate authority. Admission receipt (Computerised) and identity Card, Library Card must be preserved till the end of the  courses of study to which the student is admitted. In case of loss of Identity & Library Card duplicate can be supplied on payment of a fine of Rs. 50/- (Rupees fifty) only with general Dairy copy from Police Station.

Remission of Tuition Fee:

On the basis of class attendance and the marks obtained in the class tests, Test exam. And financial status 10% of the students of each academic session (Part-I, Part-II, Part-III_ will be considered for their remission of tuition fees for 6 months. Students must collect information about remission of tuition fees from the college office and apply within the due time schedule.

Special scholarships are also available for ST/SC/OBC and minority students as per Government Rules.