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Department:  SANSKRIT

Dr. Sourabodhi Bhattacharyya
Name: Dr. Sourabodhi Bhattacharyya

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A., Ph.D.

Email: sourabodhi@gmail.com

Contact: 9932926889

Smt. Sikha Sarkar (Sikdar), Head of the Dept.
Name: Smt. Sikha Sarkar (Sikdar), Head of the Dept.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A, M.Phil.

Email: sikha.sarkar.sikdar2013@gmail.com

Contact: 8597299700

Smt. Sunanda Sue(Kundu)
Name: Smt. Sunanda Sue(Kundu)

Designation: SACT - II

Qualification: M.A.

Email: galsisunanda@gmail.com

Contact: 9635809662

Smt. Srabani Pal
Name: Smt. Srabani Pal

Designation: SACT - II

Qualification: M.A.

Email: palsrabani1988@gmail.com

Contact: 7477468047

Smt. Sunanda Halder
Name: Smt. Sunanda Halder

Designation: SACT - I

Qualification: M.A

Email: sunandahalder1993@gmail.com

Contact: 8670104234